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Making the decision to apply for a THLT home is exciting -- but it's important to make sure that this decision is the right one for your situation. To help you figure that out, we've provided some information below. You can watch the short video for a quick description of how CLTs work, view our special Homebuyer's Orientation presentation (NOTE: not available on mobile devices) and read through the information described in the three lower sections to find out whether you are eligible, how owning a home in a Community Land Trust differs from conventional homeownership, and how to get started.

Watch the video and presentation below for info about CLTs

Watch this video for general information about community land trusts
We created this presentation to provide more details about buying a THLT home.
Reviewing Paperworks

Am I eligible to apply for a THLT home?

Find out if you meet the eligibility requirements for buying a THLT home. Click here for the details.

Taking the Key

What's different about buying a home with THLT?

Buying a home through a Community Land Trust helps the homeowners build financial security and a stable community. Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions about homeownership through THLT.

Image by Jake Hills

What steps are required to purchase a THLT home?

In many ways, buying a THLT home is not that different from any other home purchase, but there are some special steps. Click here for more information.

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