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Making the decision to apply for a THLT home is exciting -- but it's important to make sure that this decision is the right one for your situation. Read through the information below to find out whether you are eligible, how owning a home in a Community Land Trust differs from conventional homeownership, and how to get started.

AVAILABLE NOW:  Olympia Westside Home

Reviewing Paperworks

Am I eligible to apply for a THLT home?

Find out if you meet the eligibility requirements for buying a THLT home. Click here for the details.

Taking the Key

What's different about buying a home with THLT?

Buying a home through a Community Land Trust helps the homeowners build financial security and a stable community. Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions about homeownership through THLT.

Image by Jake Hills

What steps are required to purchase a THLT home?

In many ways, buying a THLT home is not that different from any other home purchase, but there are some special steps. Click here for more information.

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