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Selling or Donating Your Home or Land

Donating or selling a home or other property is a generous act that can strengthen your community by helping provide permanently affordable homes to working families. As part of your estate planning, your donation can be a legacy for your family. If your property has substantially appreciated in value over time, either a discounted sale or a donation can have some financial benefits.

"Bargain" Sale: Why Sell For Less Than Market Value?
Obviously, a sale at market value realizes full price for the owner. However, the seller is typically liable for income taxes and capital gains taxes. In contrast, an outright donation or bargain sale of property to THLT can yield substantial income tax deductions and estate tax benefits for the donor or seller, while helping to build a diverse, resilient community. Another benefit to THLT is that we have to obtain grant funding for most of our projects in order to make them affordable. The value of the bargain sale donation can help meet the match requirement.

We Help Keep Homes Within Reach

We are actively seeking properties that we can provide to qualified residents through our innovative community land trust model. This may be through purchase of properties, using grants and donated funds, or through donations (or partial donations) of properties. We are working with other non-profit organizations as well as local, state and federal agencies to garner the resources to procure properties and are seeking interested property owners to get
involved, both in the short and long term.

Learn More
If you are considering the sale of your property in Thurston County, either now or in the future, we would appreciate an opportunity to talk to you about the possibility of selling to, or working with, Thurston Housing Land Trust. In turn, we would make these properties available to low and moderate income households in our community and keep these properties perpetually affordable. through our land trust model. Even if you are not currently entertaining the idea of selling your property, we would love an opportunity to tell you more about our organization.


If you would like to speak to someone directly, please give us a call at 360-504-4663,

or reach out to

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