Nominate a Trustee

It’s that time again! 

Yes, pumpkin spice lattes are back, BUT ALSO – Thurston Housing Land Trust is looking for Board member nominations!

As you, our dear visitor, are well aware, Thurston Housing Land Trust (THLT) is a democratic organization. All Trustees (Board Members) are elected by the general members - you! - at our Annual Meeting (December 4 this year).  

We adopted a tripartite system with three different kinds of Trustees. Any member can nominate for Trustee positions in the two categories (“Lessee” and “General”) that must be members. (See below on the three categories.) Only the Board can nominate “Public Trustees,” but the Board welcomes your suggestions.  Becoming a member (so you can nominate and vote!) is simple and costs $25/year. Go here to join us!

We strongly encourage your advance nominations and suggestions, no later than November 4, using the nomination form at the bottom of this page. This way we have time to talk with nominees, confirm their qualifications and willingness to serve, and include their names and background statements on a ballot distributed at least a week before the Annual Meeting. (Nominations at the Annual Meeting are permitted, when necessary, but not encouraged.)


Trustees generally serve a three-year term, starting right after the Annual Meeting. Positions are evenly divided among three categories. There currently are nine trustees, and based on the strength of the candidate field you bring forward, the Board may possibly add three more positions for election this year.

  • “General Trustees” must be a THLT member (by December 4).  At least one position (now occupied by Susan Davenport) will be up for election, and maybe a second if the Board is enlarged. 

  • “Lessee Trustees” also must be members. They must either be THLT homeowners (under our ground lease) or must otherwise “represent the interests of future Lessees,” for example, as low-income community members or representatives of low-income organizations. At least two positions will be vacant, and if the board is enlarged, a third. The ballot form includes information on the income levels which are considered “low-income.”

  • "Public Trustees" represent diverse skills, communities and low-income interests pertinent to our goals and current needs.  These Trustees do not have to be THLT members (though we hope they will join). At least one such position (now occupied by Paul Knox) is open and maybe a second if the board is enlarged. 

The Board has identified the following priority needs for Trustees in order to fill required roles and provided us with needed characteristics and expertise:  

  • Accounting and financial management.

  • Experience in all aspects of financing, lending, building, renovating, governmental funding and hands-on “deal-making” related to affordable housing.

  • Diversity of racial/ethnic identity, gender, age, and location in Thurston County (including South County representation).

In addition, all trustees must be adults willing and able to:

  • Actively, regularly participate in monthly Board meetings.

  • Participate in one or two additional committees or special work groups at any time.

  • Follow basic policies and norms on topics such as respectful communication, compliance with laws and funding requirements, and avoiding conflict of interest.

  • Communicate electronically including regularly checking email, participating in electronic meetings (currently Zoom) and accessing web-based material. Training will be provided, if necessary.

Thank you for your contributions, and we look forward to seeing who you put forward!