Volunteer to serve on our Board of Trustees

Thurston Housing Land Trust periodically experiences vacancies on its board of Trustees and is always looking for those who might be interested in serving on the board. If you are interested in serving on our board of Trustees, please fill out this form.

Thurston Housing Land Trust is a democratic organization. Any member can nominate another General Member (or themself) to serve as a Trustee in the “General” or “Lessee” category; or can suggest candidates to the Board for “Public” Trustee positions for which only the Board officially nominates. Only members can nominate, but anyone can suggest candidates to the Board. 

We strongly encourage advance nominations and suggestions using this form, so that Board members have time to talk with candidates, confirm their qualifications and willingness to serve, and include their names and background statements on the advance ballot distributed at least a week before the Annual Meeting.


THLT currently has nine Trustee positions (though the Board reserves the option to add three new positions if we have a strong field of nominees consistent with our current needs). Vacant positions will be filled by vote of Members attending our Annual Meeting, held in December each year. Newly elected Trustees will have terms that begin on conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Trustee positions are evenly divided among three categories. One Trustee in each category has a term that expires at the close of the Annual Meeting.

Nominate someone (or yourself)

to serve as a Board Trustee