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for our Annual Meeting
Saturday, December 10th - 10am to 12pm

Our annual meeting is a chance for members to gather, learn more about what we've done during the year and what lies ahead, and help make the critical decisions that more our projects forward and advance our mission. It's also when new board members are elected by current members.

We invite all members, and anyone in the community who is interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it, to attend. Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive our email notifications and we'll make sure you get an invitation.

Thurston Housing Land Trust is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are a democratic, community-based housing land trust operating in Thurston County, Washington. Our mission is to create affordable housing for low and moderate income people as a means for building equity and pathways to ownership.  


The Trust seeks public and private funding through grants, financing and donations, including lands or properties. The scope of activities is open to socially valuable uses other than housing.

The Trust is committed to multiple levels of democratically inclusive governance across the organization or property, where appropriate, that balances needs of members, residents, and donors

The Importance of Membership in a Community Land Trust

The most important part of Thurston Housing Land Trust structure is that community members have decision-making involvement at annual meetings, in taking on leadership roles on the board, and by attending monthly Board meetings to offer input throughout the year. A fundamental principle of CLTs is that homeowner-lessees have a strong membership voice and can participate as board members as well.

A healthy membership roster speaks volumes. Even if you do not have time to participate, becoming a member is a message to our funders and other housing advocates that Thurston Housing Land Trust is a valued resource for our community.

Research conducted on community land trusts has validated several benefits they can bring to their communities:

  • equity and wealth building for homeowner-lessee members in marginalized groups, and communities of color 

  • stabilized trust homeownership increases educational success for children in those households

  • a less than 3% mortgage failure rate for trust homes compared to 18% in the wider population, due to supportive management and foreclosure prevention efforts by the trust

  • trusts holding land and homes acts as a neighborhood stabilization and preservation factor

  • homeownership in a CLT often means cost-burdened families pay less for purchasing a home than they have paid in rent for comparable housing.

Land trusts have become known for conserving vital green belts, rivers and farmland in our area.  What is not as widely known is that some of the oldest trusts around the US are for preserving affordable housing. 

Become a member today to help create a long-term solution to the housing crisis.
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